Registration Steps for Club Contacts and Club Directors Registration Steps for Club Contacts and Club Directors

Step 1: Register the club contacts, club directors club directors and administrators as ministrators as AAU non-athlete member AAU non-athlete members($16 regular membership, $18 extended coverage membership). After the application has been approved, the member will receive an email with the AAU membership ID. Approval could take a few hours up to 10 days depending on the background screening process.

Step 2: Register your club. You must have non-athlete AAU membership IDs for the club contacts before registering for club membership. Once you register your club, you will instantly receive your 201 AAU club code. Please note club codes change from year to year unless

you register for a multi-year membership.

Step 3: Attach your non-athlete membership to the club. In your account, click on “Manage Memberships” and select Edit. You can add your new club code to the non-athlete memberships.

Step 4: Register your athletes. This can be done by the following ways.

a. Instruct parents to purchase individual athlete memberships for their athletes. Give your parents your 201 AAU club code (do not use your 2018 code unless you had a multi-year membership). The parents can add
this code to their athlete’s application.
b. Club contacts can purchase new athlete memberships individually or renew athlete memberships they
purchased the previous year. Be sure to add the new club code to the memberships.
c. Club contacts can import an athlete listing to register multiple athletes at one time. Follow the instructions
online for setting up the information and the import.


Step 5: Register all coaches and additional non-athletes. Non-athlete memberships are no longer instant due to background checks. Be sure that all coaches are registered well in advance of starting practice, try-outs or participating in any events! Give each coach your club code and instruct them to register online.

Step 6: Insurance. With your club membership, you may print a free Verification of Insurance Certificate for your practice facilities. If your facilities need to be listed on the certificate as additional insured, you may apply for a Practice Insurance Certificates. This can be requested online in your account.

Step 7: Club Listing and Proof of Membership. Before your try-out or practice, each participant (athlete and coach) must have a current membership. For those members that used your club code on their individual membership, you will see them listed on your Club Membership Listing (click the link in your account). If participants have a membership, but are not on your club listing, they are still eligible to participate. They may show a copy of their membership card as proof of membership.

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